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The Platform

SupplierLand presents a revolutionary solution for businesses seeking to engage with new suppliers in the temporary work sector. Our advanced platform enables businesses to view prospective suppliers, conduct due diligence, and much more, all through an online interface. This innovative approach to supplier engagement allows businesses to save valuable time and resources by comparing suppliers and receiving tenders online.

Our platform streamlines the process of finding new suppliers, allowing businesses to focus on building meaningful business relationships. With SupplierLand, businesses can be confident in their ability to find the most suitable suppliers for their specific needs at the most competitive prices.

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How does it work

There are a number of things you must do to harness the volume of traffic heading your way from to be able to generate the highest profits possible. See the steps below for further information.

1 Register

After Registering, check out the contracts and suppliers which are available together with the bid-lists to see how much demand there is for your contract.

While you’re there, you might even want to undertake your money laundering checks using the comprehensive information which is available on the site including; Company information, owner and director information and feedback.

2 Use the Profit & Loss Calculator

As a supplier, you decide what kind of profit margin do you expect to be making. Use the profit and loss calculator to determine whether or not you’ll wish to make your bid based on a percentage of the contract price, then make your offer.

As a client, you may accept the offer, reject the offer or even make a counter offer to the supplier. This can be based on price and/or the due diligence questionnaire

3 Make an offer

As a supplier, click to make your offer for the contract.

Within one to two hours (depending on time zones), a supplier will accept, reject or even make a counter offer.

Simple 5-step process

4 Check progress

Keep logging onto the site to check on progress and to see whether your bid has been accepted, rejected or interest has been shown.

This offer will remain open for a period between 1 and 24 hours.

5 Give feedback

The best way to establish yourself as a trustworthy, reliable supplier on a comparison site is by having a good feedback rating.

The feedback rating is based on a range of tests based on our Supply Chain Management questionnaire and client feedback. The Client may wish to rely on this due diligence approach as part of its anti-money laundering requirements.

To ensure you get a good feedback rating, suppliers should make sure that:

  • You complete the tests honestly

  • Work hard on providing an excellent service to your clients so they leave you positive feedback

  • Ensure you act in a professional manner

  • Respond in a prompt fashion is a full service comparison platform that delivers a unique business to supplier matching service.


The service is specialised for clients, agencies and suppliers who operate in the temporary work sector.

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